Our private tours from Fez will offer you an unforgettable experience. You will set off on a authentic tour from Fez covering the south of Morocco through Sahara Desert ending in Marrakech or Casablanca.

Fez is an Imperial City that has stood in the north of Morocco for a thousand years. Within its sturdy walls you’ll find the place where old Morocco still exists – in the elaborate architecture, the historic medina and the throngs of people that make their home here. A place to see a medieval city, still living, still breathing, Fez is an inspiring blend of old and new.

Whether you wish to head out on amazing deserts treks, to uncover Morocco’s fascinating Unesco heritage sites or just wish to get to know the people of Morocco, we have designed tours varying in length and course. Should you wish to have a bespoke tour starting from Fes please don’t hesitate to let us know.