What to take with you on a trip to Morocco

  • A scarf, useful as sand and sun protection

  • Comfortable footwear

  • A good quality sunscreen, sunglasses and a basic first-aid kit

  • A sleeping bag for longer treks. Sheets and plenty of blankets are provided in the camps

  • Lip balm or cream

  • A big smile and positive attitude can take you a long way. Moroccans love it!

Ethical Aspects

Moroccans are a very welcoming and tolerant people towards different cultures, ideas and ways of life. They have though, strong beliefs and cultural aspects, that you should be aware of.  Things that may be normal in your culture can be misinterpreted in Morocco. Below are few useful tips to guide you throughout your tour of Morocco.

  • In rural areas, you should always attempt to cover body parts considered “private”.  For women, this can mean covering the arms (or at least the shoulders) and the knees up. For men, it requires covering up the shoulders and above the knee. In cities, such as Marrakech, Agadir and Fez, the dress code is more relaxed and common to see women wear short-sleeve tops and knee-length skirts and men often wear sleeveless t-shirts.
  • Public displays of affection in Morocco should also be kept to a minimum, as this is a conservative culture
  • During Ramadan, fasting has a deep impact on daily life in  Morocco. While traveling during Ramadan is a great opportunity to discover Islamic culture and customs, it does require some planning ahead. Although you are not required to fast while in Morocco during Ramadan, it is expected that you show respect by avoiding eating and drinking in public places.
  • Tipping in Morocco is customary, so you will be expected to leave a few dirham in a number of places during your travels through the country. In all cases, tipping is a very emotive attitude and it’s often based on a personal perception of the quality of the service provided. Even though it is customary to tip in Morocco, how generous you are can be left up to you and to your satisfaction. The most important thing to remember, however, is to never ask someone how much they are expecting to receive in tips from you. This will only lead to an awkward conversation and you will still be left in the dark.
  • Women are expected to dress more modestly and avoid physical contact with men. Although this code of behaviour is now more relaxed in big cities such as Rabat, Marrakesh and Fez, it is important to follow it in rural Morocco. Pay attention to the Moroccan women around you to gain helpful clues as to what is acceptable.